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Founded in 1971, Autograph Foliages is a leading manufacturer of artificial plants, trees, palm trees, custom-made trees, floral, greenery, Fire Retardant silk foliage,  Polyblend® Outdoor Plants and Trees and Christmas Trees for Commercial interior and exterior applications. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, our quality silk foliage, plastic plants and silk tree components are shipped world wide to Autograph thousands of dealers, florists, decorators, interiorscapers, plantscapers, landscape contractors, wholesalers, Christmas buyers and display builders. Installations include shopping malls, hotels, casinos, restaurants, hospitals, theme and amusement parks, commercial and residential buildings and anywhere artificials are needed.

Fire Retardant Artificial Foliage
Lifetime Protection

  Autograph's offers a LIFETIME PROTECTION on our IFR foliage line. Autograph's Inherent Fire Retardant Foliage will not wash off, dissipate, drip, or leave a messy and oily film (as topical applications can). Autograph's IFR plants meet all the National Fire Prevention Association 701 test, plus the ASTM E84-95 Standard Test Methods for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

Inherent Fire Retardant Foliage
A pioneer in the development of artificial Inherently Fire Retardant Plants, Trees, Branches and Flowering,  Autograph has sold thousands and thousands of IFR plants since the early 1980’s to various dealers worldwide. We specialize in manufacturing fire retardant branches, flowering plants, giant silk trees, and palm trees for commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels and casinos and many other facilities where fire retardant replicas are required.
Polyblend® Outdoor Plants

Since 1971, Autograph has molded a line of artificial outdoor shrubbery, palms, trees, branches, and tropicals designed to withstand the ravages of sun, ice, wind and people. Autograph's proprietary formula and construction make up the Polyblend® success story.

We specialize in top of the line Polyblend® outdoor UV grasses, flowering bushes, boxwood shrubs, boxwood hedges for large commercial landscapes, exterior vertical wall gardens, and anywhere artificials are needed outdoors.  Ask about our NEW Polyblend® outdoor UV plants and bushes including; 18" Yucca Plant, 21" Boxwood Plant, 21" Flowering Hibiscus Plant, and UV Boxwood Mats and Hedges!

Whats New in 2014?

NEW LIGHTING CONCEPT BY AUTOGRAPH! Check out Autograph's newest line of Sparkle-Lite and Fig-Lit Trees!  They are instant magic. The trees can change from one color to another all by remote control, serve parties, special events such as weddings and as visual signage in front of restaurant or shopping mall. NEW LED trees  can be as short as 4' to as tall as 40', and do all this cost effectively.   They are made out of shapeable material with minimal assembly. 

Custom Signature Trees
Signature Trees made in the U.S.A.
Constructed on Natural Wood Trunks, large trees commonly installed in atriums and shopping center malls are made to order in Autograph's Tree Factory. Our large supply of tree branches, including inherent fire retardant styles provide the necessary fire protection with beauty of nature. Popular tree species include ficus, benjamina, oak, maple, ginkgo, birch, cottonwood, black olive, willow, elm, dogwood, cherry blossom, chestnut, beechnut, aralia, banyan, podocarpus, sycamore, canadian maple, areca, banana, and many others.
These Giant Trees are custom made to your specifications.
Our IFR plants and trees are used in all of the following places:
- Government Office Buildings
- Public Buildings
- VA Medical Centers
- Military Bases
- Airports
- Schools and Universities
Other Installations of Autograph’s IFR plants include:
- Commercial Offices
- Residential Living Complexes
- Large indoor Sports Facilities
- Cruise Ships
- Shopping Malls
- Hospitals and Wellness Centers
- Fitness Clubs and Spas
- Resort Hotels and Casinos
- Film and Production Companies
- Theaters
- Amusement Parks and Attractions
- Museums
- Zoos and Aquariums
Our IFR foliage is available for Wholesale, Commercial, and GSA accounts only. Sorry, no residential sales. Please contact Autograph’s for a local dealer.
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