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As an Interiorscaper you love working with live plants.  Yes, they are touchy, need lots of attention, and can drive you crazy.  In spite of the challenges, you work hard to keep them looking perfect.  However, clients are often clueless about what you have to do to keep them looking great. The problem is even more ludicrous when it comes to "flowers", orchids; what we in the trade call "COLOR".  Live floral product is short lived and, worst of all, expensive.  Keeping mums or the like is a 3 week  affair.  Clients think of their garden and just don't get it.

BUT, here comes the Interior Plantscaper on his or her  white horse to the rescue. Check out the Autograph on-line catalogue, Fire Retardant Flowering- pages 26 to 27, Bromeliads - pages 228-229 and The orchid section - pages 233 to 240 for color plants. These replica are substitutes for the real thing in appropriate sizes, often fire retarded to meet local and national fire codes, and last for years with the only labor involved are for shaping and installation.  One and  Done.  One Time Sale equals happy you.  Beautiful, realistic color equals happy client!!

In years past the technology just wasn't there. Colors were off, leaves were poorly attached and the real look just wasn't there. Not with the Autograph product.  We've made certain that colors are perfect, attachments accurate. Check us out and have fun, peace of mind, expand your design options and please your clients!



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