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  • Katie
  • 4/25/2014 2:07:00 PM
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There is nothing more eye-catching than an exquisite floral arrangement.  The flower product can be classic or contemporary, in glass or ceramic.  Some of you have an eye for florals, others may struggle a bit.  No need to work hard or spend an inordinate amount of time, just check out our twigs, stems, feathers, vegetables and exotic tropicals! Some of the most striking arrangements can be created by including these in a simple visual statement.  By the way have you ever thought what is the most viewed plant in the world?  How about the greenery on the fireplace mantel behind the President?  Every time he has a "casual" photo op with a visiting dignitary the ivy in the mantel planters serve as a backdrop.  They are the perfect component of the scene. 

You have these opportunities as well.  If you do the plant work for a major hotel, the local news station often interview visiting newsworthy individuals and places them in front of the lobby plants.  The "green" serves as the perfect stage set.  Meetings held also serve as opportunities.  Podiums or panel tables need the softening of greenery.  And since they are most often very temporary, replica is the perfect foil. 


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