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Today’s décor finds Interior plantscapers using other decorative pieces that are not live foliage. Décor magazines see bunches of Birch, Bamboo Poles and Natural Sticks or Twigs such as Salt Cedar clustered in decorative containers as a focal point in modern settings. Real birch poles 1" to 2.5" widths and 6-8’ tall, their natural colors look as thought they’ve been gathered from a forest or wood.
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Future Sales Opportunities for Interior Plantscapers

Time to think about Exterior Plantings. Consider all those High End Hotels, Office Buildings, Downtown Restaurants. Their entrance is the “smile” that invites their clients to come inside. Live foliage is your first option, but is hard to maintain when placed against a wall. The front looks OK, but the back doesn’t get enough light and it dies out. Time for Replica from Autograph to come to the rescue.
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Trends in Replica. Unique ways to use Succulents!

Autograph Replica features a wide variety of these plants for use as individual plants, on tabletop, massed in planter beds or as top dressing under large specimens, they look and feel like the real thing. Available in dark to light green or with leaves tipped in burgundy red or lighter shades of green, they add so much to an Interiorscaper. Check out Fire Retardant Succulents too!
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Best Time To Sell Holiday 2014?

Yep, you heard us right. The very best time to sell Holiday for next year is while this year’s décor is still up! So, even though you are exhausted after all those days and nights of Installation, get out there and visit your clients. It is then that the two of you can look over the stunning Atrium Lobby. No better time to discuss any changes or additions for next year’s display. Not a bad idea to get them to initial the next year’s contract! We also suggest taking photos of everything whil...
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What's Under Your Trees?

You know about the typical tree skirts available for home trees, well fug-geda-boudit! Instead we suggest you visit your local fabric shop and buy bolts of gold, silver and bronze colored lame'. Then, puddle, puddle, puddle. This will give you an elegant, rich, professional touch. And stay away from the cotton batting that is supposed to look like snow. You’ll find the lame’ fabric a far better choice.
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Let Autograph Make Your Holiday Easier

The Autograph Holiday Catalogue is chock full of fire retarded PVC trees, wreaths, and garland of every needle type imaginable. To make your life easier we suggest 3 “families” of product. Each “family” has matching needle types and is available in the most desired sizes. Trees from 7.5' tall up to 20', wreaths from 24” to 8' in diameter, and matching garland in 9' lengths. All can be ordered Prelit with Warm White LED lights, much preferred over the usual harsh blue white lights most com...
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