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Autograph has added a bunch of new styles succulents and cacti. From single units to combinations, from tabletop to single stems, to mixed groupings. Colors span green from to purple and gray, orange and burgundy. Now you can create architectural looks that not only replicate the real, but feel real to the touch. Our Cacti go from columnar to barrels, to multi-branched desert sentries all the way up to 8 feet. Yuccas, Agaves, Sansevieria to Pandanus. Desertscapes have never been easier.

SKU:  A-130145
SKU:  A-130150
SKU:  A-130755
SKU:  A-130775
SKU:  A-130780
SKU:  A-130820
SKU:  A-130830
SKU:  A-130840
SKU:  A-131740
SKU:  A-131830
SKU:  A-131840
SKU:  A-131850
SKU:  A-131860
SKU:  A-131863
SKU:  A-131866
SKU:  A-131875
SKU:  A-131880
SKU:  A-131890
SKU:  A-131895
SKU:  A-131910
SKU:  A-140120
SKU:  A-140395
SKU:  A-140540
SKU:  A-141575
SKU:  A-141580

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